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  • The Mind's Eye. Oliver Sacks. Audio, Braille. Neurologist uses case studies to illustrate the brain's adaptability to lost senses. Discusses a concert pianist who can no longer read music, a writer who is unable to read print after suffering a stroke, and Sacks's own macular melanoma and its effects on his visual perception.
  • Wildhood: the epic journey from adolescence to adulthood in humans and other animals. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz. Audio. Four universal challenges faced by every human and animal adolescent and young adult: how to be safe, how to navigate hierarchy, how to court potential mates, and how to feed oneself.
  • The confidence code for girls: taking risks, messing up, and becoming your amazingly imperfect, totally powerful self. Katty Kay, Claire Shipman. Audio. Empowering guide that gives girls advice to help them deal with feelings of doubt and insecurities. Teaches girls to embrace risk, deal with failure, and be their most authentic selves. For grades 5-8.
  • The Guy Book: an owner's manual for teens: safety, maintenance, and operating instructions for teens. Mavis Jukes. Audio, Braille. For male adolescents on changes that occur in their bodies during puberty and offers advice on sexual topics, nutrition, health, relationships, peer pressure, etiquette, and other issues. For junior and senior high readers.
  • Tribe of Mentors: short life advice from the best in the World. Timothy Ferriss. Audio. Short profiles of experts in their fields answering questions on absurd things they love, one-hundred-dollar purchases that have positively affected their lives, favorite failures, worthwhile investments, and more.
  • The Emotional Journey of the Alzheimer's Family. Robert B. Santulli, Kesstan Blandin. Audio, Braille. Immediate family members, friends, and neighbors of those with Alzheimer's undergo tremendous psychological and emotional change as they witness the disease progress. Santulli and Blandin chart this journey, the process of adaptation and acceptance, and provide insight on how to understand and cope with personal stress.
  • Talking to Strangers: what we should know about the people we don't know. Malcome Gladwell. Audio, Large Print. Examines what can go wrong when we interact with strangers. Using examples from history and recent headlines, he looks at how we often misjudge the motivations and trustworthiness of others.
  • An Edited Life: simple steps to streamlining your life, at work and at home. Anna Newton. Audio, Braille. Lifestyle influencer with online following provides advice for streamlining and decluttering every aspect of life - including wardrobe, social life, exercise, food, home, beauty, and more.
  • Don't Give Up, Don't Give In: lessons from an extraordinary life. Louis Zamperini. Audio. Words of wisdom from Zamperini (1917-2014), the subject of Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken (DB 72129). He remembers growing up in California, first as a troublemaker and then an Olympian who went to Berlin in 1936. Recalls his WWII service, his imprisonment, and his experiences and charitable acts after his return home.
  • Making a Difference: a matter of purpose, passion & pride.Steve Gilliland. Audio. Confirms that purpose is the essential ingredient to motivation and the ultimate path to making a difference; passion is what allows you to overcome challenges and disregard people who try to extend their misfortunes and negative outlook to you; and pride is about you and your expectations.
  • The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: harnessing the infinite power of coincidence. Deepak Chopra. Audio, Braille. Contends "every coincidence is a message" that requires attention. Chopra explains ways to recognize meaning in ostensibly random occurrences using the seven principles of synchrodestiny. Includes exercises and specific techniques.

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