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BARD Magazines

  • Boy's Life. Braille.
  • Humpty Dumpty Magazine. Audio.
  • Jack and Jill Magazine. Audio.
  • Parents. Braille.
  • Spider. Audio, Braille.
  • Stone Soup. Braille.
  • Muse. Audio, Braille.

NFB Newsline (Available in Audio, Refreshable Braille, On a Website)

  • Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Future Reflections.
  • Highlights.
  • Stone Soup.


  • Bullying and Students with Disabilities: Strategies and techniques to create a safe learning environment for all. Barry E. McNamara. Audio, Braille. Professor of special education draws on research and case studies to provide an overview to understand and address bullying of students with disabilities. Discusses specific school-wide programs, offers intervention techniques for parents and staff, and lists resources for students.
  • Will College Pay Off?: A guide to the most important financial decision you will ever make. Peter Cappelli. Audio, Braille. Human-resources and education-policy analyst examines the financial challenges of higher education in the twenty-first century. Cappelli offers decision-making criteria for determining the best solution for your situation, including major areas of study, financial aid, and school selection. Provides policy suggestions for future legislation.
  • What the Best College Students Do. Ken Bain. Audio, Braille. Author uses case studies to illustrate the different skills and attitudes that he believes are necessary to succeed in college and beyond. Posits deep learning is more important than achieving good grades. Discusses dealing with setbacks, making difficult choices, and following one's intellectual curiosity.
  • A Guide to High School Success for Students with Disabilities. Cynthia Anne Bowman. Audio, Braille. Essays and personal narratives provide guidance and encouragement to students with special needs on achieving a positive high school experience. Highlights self-advocacy, mainstreaming, dating, extracurricular activities, and life after graduation. For junior and senior high and older readers.
  • I Used to Know That: stuff you forgot from school. Caroline Taggart. Braille. Handbook of facts, profiles of noted individuals, and more from a variety of subjects taught in school but potentially forgotten in adulthood. Includes instruction in English, literature, math, science, history, geography, and general studies.
  • The Survival Guide for Kids with LD (learning disabilities). Gary L. Fisher. Audio. Defines learning differences (LD), identifying seven kinds. Discusses school LD programs and answers some frequently asked questions. Provides tips on dealing with negative feelings and being teased about having LD, and makes suggestions for getting along better at school and at home. For grades 5-8.
  • Slaying Goliath: the passionate resistance to privatization and the fight to save America's public schools. Diane Ravitch. Audio. Examination of the effects of privatizing the public school system in the United States. Discusses the differences between disruption and reform; student performance in schools that have been privatized; corporate interests in privatization; and the role of grassroots organizations in resisting privatization efforts.
  • Steps to Independent Living. Nancy Lobb, David Strauch, J. Weston Walch (Firm). Braille. Gives specific material to show students how to take care of themselves and face the challenges of everyday living.
  • What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know. Dave F Brown, Trudy Knowles. Audio. Middle level researchers Dave Brown and Trudy Knowles have updated their bestselling classic What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know with more student voice as well as timely new research, strategies, and models that illuminate the philosophies and practices that best serve the needs of young adolescents.

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