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Research and Development Overview

Minnesota is incredibly fertile ground for research and development innovation and success.

Private industry and government pump about $1 billion each year into research and development projects that run the gamut of science and technology.

Minnesota ranks 13 in the nation for R & D funding from industry, up 32.6% over five years, according to the State Science and Technology Institute.

Public or private sector, much of the state's research is done in conjunction with the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, both of which have established international reputations for their own research as well as their collaborations with government and the private sector.

From biotech to nanotech to high tech and everything in between, Minnesota has the scientific, technical, and clinical expertise and facilities to help you develop and test your big ideas and turn them into big innovations.

The University of Minnesota alone has more than 300 interdisciplinary research centers, institutes, and programs that bring a wide range of experts together often in collaboration with businesses, industry and government to discover solutions through research and innovation.

We could exhaust the alphabet many times over listing all the disciplines and fields where Minnesota has R & D expertise, but here are just a few:

Antibiotic and pharmacodynamics. Biotech. Bioinformatics. Biomedical genomics. Biotechnology. Biocatalysis. Cancer genetics. Computational research. Digital technology. Diabetes. Drug design. Ecosystem science. Food safety. Genome engineering. Immunology. Infectious diseases. Magnetic resonance. Nanotechnology. Spatial analysis. Stem cell research.

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