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NAICS Primer

by Derek Teed
April 2018

NAICS 72: Accommodation and Food Services, Calendar Year 2017

Back when the Bureau of Labor Statistics provided four-digit Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC) to differentiate industries, restaurants were not a service but a retail operation. Times change, and so do coding concepts. Restaurant codes now provide detailed data for older concepts such as caterers and newer concepts such as food trucks. Accommodation has always been a service. The surprise here is that casino hotels are coded as units of tribal or local government and do not appear in the charts below which are strictly privately owned.

Accommodation employment is heavily concentrated in Hotels and Motels - 72% of the total (see Table 1). The largest part of Food Services is, no surprise, Limited Service or fast food restaurants.

Table 1. NAICS 72 Supersectors, Minnesota
Industry Employment 2017
Accommodation 34,872
Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels 25,109

While there are few communities in Minnesota that do not have a restaurant, the Twin Cities Metro Area has 59.7% of the state's fast food or Limited Service restaurants, 64.8% of Full Service restaurants, and 42.6% of Drinking Places or bars.

Table 2. Employment for NAICS 72, Twin Cities Metro
Industry Employment 2017
Food Services and Drinking Places 122,953
Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) 4,655
Full-Service Restaurants 59,366
Limited-Service Restaurants 41,840
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