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Instructions for QCEW

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Step 1

Select one or more areas.

To select a sequential block of areas, select the first area and <shift>-select the last area you would like in the sequence

To select non-sequential areas, <ctrl>-select each desired area.

Selecting one of the varies area types within Minnesota will bring you to another selection box. Choose the county, city etc. from this group using the same method described above. If you select more than one area type, for example Minnesota Counties and Minnesota Planning Areas, the second selection box will contain both a list of counties and a list of planning areas. Scroll down to see entire selection options.

Select "Next."

Step 2

Select one or more time periods.

Select "Next."

Step 3

Select one or more ownership categories. Select the box next to each ownership you would like to view.

Select "Next."

Step 4

Select Industry. There are three methods you can use to select the industry you would like to view:

  1. Enter the industry codes, separated by commas in the text box. Select "Next."
  2. To view all industries by super sector or sector, select box labeled "Select all 11 super sectors" or "Select all 20 sectors." Total, All Industries will be displayed with each of these options.
  3. Select individual industries by checking the box next to each industry you would like to view. Select "Next."

Please note that the NAICS classification system is hierarchical:

Super-Sectors (11)

  • Sectors (20)
    • 3-Digit Industrial
      • 4,5,6-Digit Industrial

Data for every industry selected may not be present for two possible reasons; the industry may not be present within the selected geography, or the data may be non-disclosable for this geography. Data are non-disclosable when their presentation would reveal information regarding an individual employer.

To view industries within the NAICS classification, select the plus sign. If available, the sectors, 3-digits industries and 4,5,6-digit industries will display. Again, check the box next to each industry you would like to view.

View the Results

The results are displayed in a table, with the geography, industry, ownership category and time period selected displayed quarterly and annually, where available. There are four tabs displaying average employment, establishments, total wages and average weekly wages for the properties selected. Select each of the tabs to view the results. On each of the tabs, you can select “Download” to see the data in an Excel table.

Above the table the Steps and each category selected in displayed. Select “Change” to go back to any step and alter your selection choice. Alternatively, select “Start over” to clear your selections and begin again.

More About the Data

Additional information about Quarterly Census Employment and Wages can be found at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at

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