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Cameron Macht

Cameron Macht is the Regional Analysis and Outreach Manager for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). Cameron has a bachelor's degree in organizational management and marketing from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Before joining DEED, he worked for a corporate training company and a market research consulting firm, both in the Twin Cities.>

Recent articles

Enticing Businesses to Stay 
(with Michael Darger)
March 2019 - MN Economic Trends

The Labor Force in the Laboratory 
(with Anthony Schaffhauser)
September 2018 - MN Economic Trends

Food Manufacturing Brings Much to the Table
June 2018 - MN Economic Trends

Immigrants and the Economy
(with Steve Hine)
December 2017 - MN Economic Trends

Healthy Demand for Workers
June 2017 - MN Economic Trends

Part-Time Recovery
June 2017 - MN Economic Trends

Z is for Zoologist
March 2017 - MN Employment Review

Community and Social Services in Northeast Minnesota
January 2017 - MN Employment Review

Education is the Foundation
August 2016 - MN Employment Review

A Workforce in Transition
September 2016 - MN Economic Trends

Labor Force Surging in Southwest
June 2016 - MN Economic Trends

New Workers and New Challenges
(with Chet Bodin)
June 2016 - MN Economic Trends

Growing and Changing
(with Mark Schultz)
June 2016 - MN Economic Trends

Labor Force Growth Slowing in Central Minnesota
(with Luke Greiner)
June 2016 - MN Economic Trends

Diversity in Greater Minnesota
December 2015 - MN Economic Trends

Distinguishing Features
September 2015 - MN Economic Trends

Recovering by Fits and Starts
June 2015 - MN Economic Trends

At the Forefront of the Recovery
(with Erik White)
June 2015 - MN Economic Trends

A Healthy Dose of STEM Jobs
December 2014 - MN Economic Trends

Grand Openings - The Impact of Retail in Southwest Minnesota
(with Brent Pearson)
September 2013 - Minnesota Employment Review

Working 'Behind the Scenes' a Good Fit for Boomer Employment
August 2013 - MN Employment Review

Chemical Transformation
July 2013 - MN Employment Review

Back on Firmer Ground
June 2013 - MN Economic Trends

Landowners Reap Gains from High Commodity Prices
(with Brent Pearson)
June 2013 - MN Economic Trends

Employment Projections in Central Minnesota
June 2013 - MN Employment Review

Public-Sector Employment in Southwest Minnesota
April 2013 - MN Employment Review

Education and Jobs
December 2012 - MN Economic Trends

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