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Shortcuts - JobSTAT

by Cameron Macht
September 2016

To provide comfort and encouragement when someone loses a job, many people will quote the old adage that “when one door closes, another door opens.” Minnesota’s tight labor market and growing economy means many doors are currently wide open, with “help wanted” signs hanging in the window. DEED’s Match Jobs to Experience data tool can help job seekers determine which door is the best one to try next. (https://apps.deed.state.mn.us/lmi/ota/OccupationSelectA.aspx)

Also known as the Job Skills Transferability Assessment Tool (JobSTAT), the “Match Jobs to Experience” tool allows jobseekers to enter the title of a job they’ve held in the past. Based on an analysis of the skills, knowledge, and abilities gained through work experience in that prior job, the tool provides a list of occupations that are a good match for a new career.

The list of matching jobs includes examples of potential skills gaps — areas where a jobseeker may be either over-qualified or under-qualified for the new job. For example, those recently laid off as welders might be interested in becoming a boilermaker because of the similar mechanical, mathematics, and design skills, but may need to increase their knowledge of building and construction, operations analysis, and troubleshooting. If the new job will require new skills through postsecondary education or training, JobSTAT also has a list of schools offering programs related to the occupation, showing the school name, location, program title, award level offered, and program length.

Sortable by region, JobSTAT also provides the current level of demand and median annual wage for each occupation in the list, so jobseekers can make sure they’re choosing wisely for their situation. In addition to demand, the tool links directly to a list of relevant jobs that are currently posted by local employers on www.MinnesotaWorks.net, the state’s free online job posting database.

Jobseekers can use JobSTAT to make sure they are making the most use of their past experience before entering the door of their next opportunity.

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