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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is the foundation of our workforce development initiatives and job-training programs for adults and youth.

WIOA gives government, nonprofit, education, and industry partners greater flexibility to work together. The result is career training programs that give workers the skills they need to get good jobs at family-sustaining wages and give employers the qualified workers they need to stay competitive.


After months of discussion and planning, state and local partners came together around a common vision for the future of workforce development in Minnesota: to have a healthy economy where all Minnesotans have — or are on a path to — meaningful employment and a family-sustaining wage, and where all employers are able to fill jobs in demand.

To fully realize the vision for a stronger workforce development system, Minnesota is submitting a WIOA Plan to the federal government that focuses on two primary goals:

  1. To reduce racial disparities in education and employment to provide greater opportunity for all Minnesotans; and
  2. To build employer-led industry-sector partnerships focused on better understanding of the skills that employers need and connecting skilled workers to those opportunities.


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