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Benefits of Shovel-Ready Sites

Shovel-ready sites are a benefit to companies and site selectors because they take much of the time, expense, unpredictability and risk out of development.

Because the sites are more likely to catch the eye of corporate site selectors or site selection consultants, they’re also a distinct competitive advantage for site owners and communities.

Benefits for Companies

Certified shovel-ready sites are extremely attractive to companies looking to expand, relocate or startup. The reasons are simple:

Global economic forces are pushing companies to make market decisions faster than ever before. They no longer have the luxury of spending six to 12 months on a site search. Shovel-ready sites can be purchased quickly.

Companies need sites that are ready for development and can match the construction completion date with customer product delivery demands.

Shovel-ready sites simplify the development process and greatly reduce risk by eliminating most of the unknowns from the site selection decision and increasing the predictability of getting the land developed, the building constructed and the business up and running.

Finally, shovel-ready sites lower development costs, a very important factor at a time when all companies are more cost-conscious.

Benefits for Minnesota Communities and Site Owners

Certification offers several benefits for communities and site owners, but let's start with the most important: increased visibility in a very crowded marketplace.

Minnesota’s Certified Shovel-Ready sites will be heavily marketed at national conferences and trade shows as well as on the property search tool we provide for site selectors. The result is improved visibility for both the community and the site.

Certified shovel-ready status is fast becoming a standard for sites being marketed throughout Minnesota. Having certified sites demonstrates that communities are progressive, business-oriented, and prepared for new development.

For communities serious about taking their efforts to attract new commercial and industrial growth to a whole new level, our Shovel-Ready Certified sites are the natural next step.

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