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BARD Magazines

  • Cowboys and Indians. Audio.
  • True West. Audio.

On the RTB

  • The Great North, Sundays @ 4 PM.
  • The Writer's Voice, Mondays through Fridays @ 1 PM.


  • West of Dodge: frontier stories. Louis L'Amour. Audio, Large Print. Fourteen tales of gunfighters, cowhands, and lawmen of the Old West. In the title story, an itinerant gunfighter rides into Dodge and learns of the widespread sentiment against the local marshal. In time marshal and gunslinger join forces and undo a plot to take over the town.
  • Stranglehold. William W. Johnstone. Audio, Large Print. This is book nine in the MacCallister: The Eagles Legacy series. Duff's old battalion commander, Charles McGregor, contacts Duff and asks for his help. McGregor is the mayor of a mining town in New Mexico that is being targeted by a power-hungry madman named Ebenezer Schofield.]
  • On Swift Horses. Shannon Pufahl. Audio. Newly-married Muriel has been in San Diego a few months, but she's already a staple amongst the gamblers at the Heyday Lounge as their waitress. She uses the knowledge she gleans to make her own bets. Her brother-in-law Julius lives his own risky lifestyle in Las Vegas. Contemporary western, Spur award winner.
  • The Hanging of Samuel Ash. Sheldon Russell. Audio version. Railroad bull Hook Runyon investigates the case of an unknown young man found hanged from a wigwag signal, eventually leading him to Carmen, Oklahoma and secrets associated with the local orphanage.
    Maud's Line. Margaret Verble. Audio, Braille. Eighteen-year-old Maud Nail, her father, younger brother, and extended family are scraping out existences on allotments for the Cherokee in eastern Oklahoma. One day, peddler Booker Wakefield visits her home and encourages her dreams of finer things, causing tensions.
  • Lakota America: a new history of indigenous power. Pekka Hämäläinen. Audio. A historian recounts the history of the Lakota Indians, tracing their society from the early sixteenth to the early twenty-first century. Discusses their roots as hunter-gatherers, their reinventions as a river people and then a horse people on the plains. Profiles iconic figures and relates key events. Western Nonfiction Spur Award.
  • Walk on Earth a Stranger. Rae Carson. Audio. 1849. This is the first book in the Gold Seer Trilogy series. Sensing gold in the earth around her, Lee Westfall tries to hide her valuable secret from people who would take advantage of her. But when her personal world shatters, she flees to the gold rush in California to start over. For grades 6-9 and older readers.
  • The Ox-Bow Incident. Walter Van Tilburg Clark. Audio, Braille. Nevada, 1885. Wrangler Art Croft reluctantly joins a group of citizens in a small town who hastily form a posse to catch murdering cattle rustlers. Three men are accused of the crime and, although there are some doubts about their guilt, lynched.
  • Custer's Trials: a life on the frontier of a new America. T. J. Stiles. Audio. examines General George Armstrong Custer's life and often-ignored aspects of his legacy, attempting to dismantle Custer's historical caricature. He also details the self-conflict that sometimes resulted from Custer's own efforts. Western biography.

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