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Bridge to Success

As students navigate the world of high school and begin thinking about the future, we offer services and resources that provide a foundation for success. Each of the core areas highlights an essential component that teenagers need in order to succeed after high school:

  • Basic Skills
  • Role Models
  • Initiative
  • Discovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Experiences

Through SSB, teens can explore each of these core components and cross the BRIDGE in to the future of work, study, and living independently. In building that BRIDGE, SSB offers resources in technology, career exploration, work experience, adjustment to blindness training, and peer connections, to help students who are Blind, DeafBlind, or Low Vision develop the skills and confidence for a bright future. For more information, contact Shane DeSantis.


Check out this video (transcript) to see some of the students in our Program, and how SSB can help you pursue your goals and dreams!

Parents and Teachers

This video (transcript) provides a helpful overview on how SSB can be a partner in building a bright future for teens.

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