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  • Bookworm, Mondays through Fridays @ 12 PM.
  • Good Night Owl, Mondays through Fridays @ 10 PM.
  • Poetic Reflections, Sundays @ 12 PM.


  • Lord of the Flies. William Golding. Audio, Braille. With horrifying implications, this relates the experiences of a group of English boys who are wrecked on a desert island and have to establish their own system of government.
  • Kidnapped. Robert Lois Stevenson. Audio, Large Print, Braille. A Scottish lowlander narrates his adventures when his uncle tries to have him sent to America as a slave, and when he instead falls in with the daredevil Jacobite Alan Stewart.
  • The Call of the Wild. Jack London. Audio, Large Print, Braille. Buck, a St. Bernard mix, is stolen and trained to be a sled dog in the Alaskan gold fields. Abused by both men and dogs, Buck learns to fight ruthlessly until he finds a master he loves and respects.
  • Green Eggs and Ham. Dr. Seuss. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Braille, Braille (uncontracted). In this rhyming story, Sam-I-am wants his companion to try this dish of green eggs and ham. Sam-I-am follows him everywhere begging him just to taste them. And finally Sam-I-am succeeds! For grades K-3.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Large Print, Braille, Descriptive Video. A six-year-old tomboy begins her tale of growing up in a small Alabama town with her brother and her attorney. The children's intense curiosity about a reclusive neighbor is eclipsed by Atticus's attempt to defend a black man against charges of raping a white woman. Pulitzer Prize. For high school +.
  • Animal Farm. George Orwell. Audio, Large Print, Braille, Braille (uncontracted). An allegorical political satire of communism in which the animals on a form overthrow their master and live a utopian life until the intelligent pigs take over and one establishes himself as dictator.
  • Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Braille. Social satire set in the future, when owning or reading a book is a crime. A fireman charged with destroying books, becomes a fugitive when he succumbs to temptation.
  • Crime and Punishment. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Audio, Braille. An impoverished student, Raskolnikov, convinces himself that he is above the law and murders an elderly pawnbroker. But his subsequent guilt is overwhelming.
  • The Red Badge of Courage. Stephen Crane. Audio, Large Print, Braille. A country boy enthusiastically enlists with the Union army during the Civil War. Wanting to prove himself a hero, but experiencing shock and fear on the battle front, he finally revives his courage and self-respect in a crucial war advance.
  • Frankenstein. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Large Print, Braille. A science student, Victor Frankenstein, invents an artificial man using body parts from several corpses. The hideous creature cannot find companionship and becomes violent. Eventually he turns on his creator.
  • Lord of the Rings. J. R. R. Tolkien. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Large Print, Braille. Wildly popular fantasy series consisting of a prequel (The Hobbit) and a trilogy (the Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and, The Return of the King).
  • The Outsiders. S. E. Hinton. Audio, Large Print, Braille. This young adult classic is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ponyboy, age 14, tells how it looks and feels to be a Greaser from the wrong side of the tracks. He describes the guerilla raids into Greaser territory by their upper-middle-class enemy, the Socs, and the beating that led to a murder charge and two deaths.
  • Slaughterhouse-five. Kurt Vonnegut. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Braille. Billy Pilgrim, adrift in time, randomly revisits past and present manifestations: senile widower stalked by an assassin, hopeful young newlywed, giraffe on the planet Tralfamadore - where time is an illusion - and, most crucially, American POW during the firebombing of Dresden in World War II.
  • The Tragedy of King Lear. William Shakespeare. Audio, Braille. This 17th century tragedy concerns a petulant monarch and his daughters Gonerill, Regan, and Cordelia. Amid much other, more political action, Lear is taken in by false avowals of love from Gonerill and Regan, and disinherits Cordelia because of her refusal to flatter him.
  • The Iliad. Homer. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Audio (Ancient Greek), Braille. Greek epic poem, 8th century B.C., and attributed to the Ionian poet Homer, relates the events of a few days of battle near the end of the Trojan War. Focuses on Achilles' withdrawal from the fight and its disastrous effects on the Greek campaign.
  • Paradise Reclaimed. Halldor Laxness. Audio. An idealistic Icelandic farmer journeys to Mormon Utah and back in search of paradise in this captivating novel by Nobel Prize winner.

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