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Cooking and Baking

BARD Magazines

  • Bon Appétit. Audio.
  • Cook's Illustrated. Braille.
  • EatingWell. Braille.
  • Health and Nutrition. Audio.
  • Martha Stewart Living. Braille.
  • O, The Oprah Magazine. Audio, Braille.
  • Parents. Braille.
  • Southern Living. Audio.
  • Yankee: New England's Magazine. Audio.

NFB Newsline (Available in Audio, Refreshable Braille, On a Website)

  • All Recipes.
  • Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Bon Appetit. Everyday with Rachael Ray.
  • Relish.

On the RTB

  • Dinner Bell, Saturdays @ 5 AM.
  • In the Kitchen, Saturdays @ 7 AM.
  • Nutrition and Health, Fridays @ 3 PM and next Friday @ 3 AM.
  • Twin Cities, Saturdays @ 6 PM and Tuesdays @ 1 AM.


  • Dried beans & grains. Time-Life Books. Audio. An economical cookbook designed to teach the nutritious principles of preparing beans and grains.
  • Charting a Course to Wellness. Graham Kerr. Audio, Braille. Celebrity chef Graham Kerr and his wife, Treena, share their journey of life, love, and healthy eating since Treena's battle with heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Includes more than four hundred recipes.
  • Clueless in the kitchen: a cookbook for teens. Evelyn Raab. Braille. Two hundred recipes based on the principle that cooking from scratch is cheaper, healthier, and tastier. Includes dishes for breakfast through dinner, desserts, snacks, and vegetarian specialties. Contains tips on stocking the pantry, shopping for fresh ingredients, food preparation and storage.
  • Homemade: Finnish Rye, feed sack fashion, and other simple ingredients from my life in food. Beatrice Ojakangas. Audio. As she says, 'first you have to start with good ingredients and a good idea.' Full of recipes, anecdotes, and a kind humor that bring to vivid life the Finnish culture of northern Minnesota as well as international culinary traditions.
  • When the Cook Can't Look: a cooking handbook for the blind and visually handicapped. Ralph Read. Audio. The author, who became blind in adulthood, offers practical, safe, and easy cooking methods for sightless people, including how to measure ingredients, light the stove, chop onions, and serve and eat gracefully.

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