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Speakers Bureau

Looking for a keynote speaker to address international trade, the global economy or a similar international business topic? Interested in training your employees on important trade-related issues?

We can help. Some of our most commonly requested offerings are listed below. The Minnesota Trade Office (MTO) also can customize presentations to address a topic of particular interest to your company, business or trade association, or educational institution.

To request a speaker, contact Jackie Geiger at 651-259-7485.

State of the State's International Trade (20 to 30 minutes)

This presentation, normally given by the MTO executive director or deputy director, highlights the state's exports, market trends, benefits of exporting and an overview of MTO services.

Introduction to Exporting and the Services of the MTO (20 to 30 minutes)

This presentation offers a general overview of the fundamentals of exporting, including assessing your company's export readiness, finding the right markets, arranging international shipments, collecting payment and much more. It is ideal for companies just beginning to adopt a global outlook.

Protecting Your Business from International Scams (30 minutes)

This presentation helps you distinguish scams from valid business opportunities by teaching you to spot red flags in business transactions and providing resources to help determine whether an opportunity is authentic.

Market and Industry Opportunities (20 to 30 minutes)

This presentation offers an overview of economic and political developments, best business prospects, common business practices, successful market entry strategies and similar subjects for key markets and selected industries. Presentations are readily available for China, India, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the medical device industry and environmental technology, but any market or industry can be addressed.

International Market Research (30 minutes)

This presentation provides a framework for conducting market research by offering practical guidance and valuable information on the best available research resources.

Special or Customized Requests

If you're interested in a presentation on other topics or need help finding specific speakers, we're happy to accommodate you.

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