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NAICS Primer

by Derek Teed
August 2018

Much of the data for all levels of government administration fall under NAICS 92, Public Administration. The industry spans the many upper level activities of government. It ranges from Executive, Legislative, and Other General Government Support to National Security. The code, however, includes only administration of government programs. What it doesn't include is activities that occur in private industry – industries like road and bridge work, any sort of retail establishments the government might run, and municipal power companies among others. These are coded to the NAICS of their industrial activity but have an ownership code that pulls them into government, so you do not find them appearing in the private industry NAICS codes.

Below are tables showing the important industries in government. Because state law does not extend unemployment insurance to elected officials, they are not included in the figures.

Table 1. Top Employment in Minnesota Public Administration
NAICS Industry Name MN Employment in Public Administration Average Annual Wages
92 Public Administration 132,026 $56,264
921110 Executive Offices 44,594 $44,876
921140 Combined Executive and Legislative Offices 11,055 $56,680
923130 Administration of Human Resource Programs 10,861 $60,580
922140 Correctional Institutions 6,747 $59,956
924120 Administration of Conservation Programs 6,403 $53,092

In 2017 NAICS 92 made up 132,026 (4.6%) of Minnesota's 2,853,730 employees.

Public Administration jobs in the rural areas, which are usually fulltime, are a boost to the area's average income. Public Administration jobs in Northwest, Northeast, and Central Minnesota are significantly higher than the average private sector wages in those areas (see table below).

Table 2. Wage Comparison between Minnesota Public Administration and Private Sector
Rural Area Average Public Administration Wages Average Private Sector Wages PA Wages/Private Wages
Central $48,776 $41,652 +17%
Northeast $50,752 $42,588 +19%
Northwest $46,280 $38,168 +21%
Southeast $51,636 $50,128 +3%
Southwest $41,964 $39,884 +5%
Seven County MPLS St Paul $63,232 $63,336 +0%
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