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BARD Magazines

  • Ellery Queen. Audio.

On the RTB

  • Night Journey, Mondays through Friday @7 PM.
  • Suspense! Wednesdays @ 10:20 AM.


  • Echoes from the Macabre: selected stories. Daphne Du Maurier. Audio, Braille. Collection of nine classic tales of oddness, secrets, and unexplained happenings by a virtuoso of suspense and terror.
  • Dreaming Spies. Laurie R. King. Audio, Large Print. This is the thirteenth book in the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series. On board a ship in 1924, Russell and Holmes encountered a blackmailing earl, his wife, and a young Japanese woman who tutored the foreigners about her country. Russell suspected that Miss Sato Haruki was not all that she seemed--and a year later, the intrigue surrounding her continues. Agatha Award winner.
  • The Brutal Telling. Louise Penny. Audio, Braille. This is the fifth book on the Chief Inspector Gamache series. The murder of an old man found bludgeoned in a bistro. At a remote cabin purportedly owned by the deceased, Gamache and his team find a cache of rare books, priceless antiquities--and blood. Agatha Award winner.
  • Bearskin. James A. McLaughlin. Audio. Rice Moore has a job protecting the wildlife in the Appalachian Mountains, hiding from the drug cartels he betrayed. When he finds a bear carcass, he is determined to catch the poachers, but his plan might bring him to the attention of the people who want him dead.
  • The Postman Always Rings Twice. James M. Cain. Audio, Braille. A novel of clandestine love, murder, and accidental death. Vagabond Frank Chambers stops at a California roadside sandwich stand run by a Greek man and his American wife. Captivated by her, Frank hires on and they begin a mutually destructive affair.
  • The Room of White Fire. T. Jefferson Parker. Audio. PI Roland Ford is asked to locate an Air Force veteran who has escaped from a mental institution. Ford soon realizes that a shroud of secrecy hangs over the disappearance of Clay Hickman. Shamus Award Best Hardcover Novel.
  • Justine. Lawrence Durrell. Audio, Braille. This is the first book in the Alexandria Quartet series. Alexandria, Egypt, on the eve of World War II. Although the narrator, an exiled Irish schoolteacher, lives with his Greek mistress, Melissa, it is his affair with Justine, a Jewish society woman married to Nessim, a Coptic Christian, that initiates a web of political and sexual intrigue.
  • The Perfect Alibi. Phillip Margolin. Audio, Large Print. This is the second book in the Robin Lockwood series. A college athlete is imprisoned for rape--but another rape occurs and DNA shows the same person committed both attacks. After the athlete is granted bail, his lawyer disappears and his law partner is murdered. Robin Lockwood represents the victim of the first rape.
  • Don't Go to Sleep. R. L. Stine. Audio, Braille. This is the fifty-fourth book in the Goosebumps series. Twelve-year-old Matthew Amsterdam, a geek according to his older brother and sister, has the tiniest bedroom in their house, so there is hardly room for him, let alone his books. There is a bigger bedroom, but it is supposed to be the guest room. One night Matt decides to sleep there, and when he wakes up, he is older than his brother and sister. For grades 4-7.
  • Night Whispers. Judith McNaught. Audio, Large Print, Braille. Policewoman Sloan Reynolds never knew her father and has no desire to see him when he begs her to join him in Palm Beach. A few days later Sloan is persuaded to accept the invitation by FBI agent Paul Richardson, who says her father is suspected of several crimes.
  • The Night Market. Jonathan Moore. Audio. The story begins routinely enough with its main protagonist, homicide investigator Ross Carver and his partner, Jenner, being dispatched to the scene of an apparent murder in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood. But things quickly take an unexpected and somewhat gory turn when the rapidly deteriorating body is examined.

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