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  • Night Journey, Mondays through Friday @ 7 PM.
  • RTB After Hours, Mondays through Fridays @ 11 PM.


  • Frankenstein in Baghdad. Ahmed Saadawi. Audio. In U.S.-occupied Baghdad, scavenger Hadi stitches together found human body parts as a message to the government that the dead need proper burial. After the corpse disappears, however, a string of murders occurs, and witnesses report a monster who cannot be killed. Translated from the original 2013 Arabic edition.
  • The Tale of Halcyon Crane. Wendy Webb. Audio. Journalist Hallie James learns the mother she thought had died thirty years ago was, until recently, alive--and a famous photographer. Hallie travels to remote Grand Manitou Island on the Great Lakes to seek the truth but instead encounters hostile locals and ancestral ghosts in her childhood home. Minnesota Book Award winner for genre fiction.
  • Grief Cottage. Gail Godwin. Audio, Large Print. Marcus relates the story of the summer he turned eleven and went to live with his great-aunt Charlotte after his mother's death in a car accident. Charlotte shows him the Grief Cottage, from which a boy disappeared during a hurricane fifty years before. Marcus tries to deal with his loss.
  • The Turn of the Screw. Henry James. Audio, Large Print, Braille. A somewhat neurotic new governess is convinced her two beautiful young pupils are subject to the evil influence of two ghosts, a former steward of the estate and a former governess. She pits her will against the ghosts and is determined to exorcise the demons from her young charges.
  • Jane Eyre. Charlotte Brontë. Audio, Large Print. Nineteenth-century English novel about a plain and intelligent woman who becomes the governess at an estate, is caught up in the mysteries of the manor, and falls in love with the master of the house.

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