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Luke Greiner's Bio


Regional Analyst, Central & Southwest Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
1542 Northway Dr. Door 2
St. Cloud, MN 56303

Luke Greiner is the Department of Employment and Economic Development’s regional analyst for central and southwestern Minnesota. Luke conducts research, writes publications, and provides presentations about Greater Minnesota's economy, job market, industry trends, career and educational decision making, and higher education outcomes. He has a bachelor's degree in management from Park University in Parkville, MO. Luke worked in workforce development for DEED before becoming an analyst and currently serves on the National ACT Steering Committee and Minnesota State ACT Council.

Local Look blog - Central

Local Look blog - Southwest

Recent articles

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September 2023 - MN Economic Trends

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March 2023 - MN Economic Trends

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February 2023 - MN Employment Review

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December 2022

Southwest Minnesota's Immigrant Population
September 2022 - MN Employment Review

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June 2022 - MN Economic Trends

More Vacancies, Fewer Workers in Central Minnesota
June 2022 - MN Economic Trends

Recalling the Recent Job Changes in Southwest Minnesota
March 2022 - MN Employment Review

Changing Lanes: Commuting and Place of Work Changes in Central Minnesota
November 2021 - MN Employment Review

A Closer Look: County-level Employment in Southwest Minnesota (with Mark Schultz)
September 2021 - MN Employment Review

Fun With Statistics: QCEW
July 2021 - MN Employment Review

Southwest Minnesota's Labor Landscape (with Cameron Macht)
June 2021 - MN Economic Trends

Labor Lost Amid Record Job Openings
June 2021 - MN Economic Trends

Feast and Famine for Restaurants and Drinking Places in Central Minnesota
May 2021 - MN Employment Review

Popular or Pragmatic: Considering College Instructional Program Decisions
March 2021 - MN Economic Trends

Employment Disruptions by Age and Gender in Southwest Minnesota (with Mark Schultz)
March 2021 - MN Employment Review

How Bad Was It? Central Minnesota’s Job Loss in 2nd Quarter of 2020
November 2020 - MN Employment Review

The Pandemic Plays Out in South Central and Southwest Minnesota (with Mark Schultz)
September 2020 - MN Employment Review

Central Minnesota's Economy through COVID-19
June 2020 - MN Economic Trends

Connecting Students and Educators to Labor Market Information
September 2019 - MN Economic Trends

Central Minnesota Moves Toward Equilibrium
June 2019 - MN Economic Trends

The Impact of Automation on Minnesota's Labor Market
December 2018 - MN Economic Trends

Tapping Homegrown Talent
September 2018 - MN Economic Trends

Record Jobs for the Retail Sector
June 2018 - MN Economic Trends

Job Seekers in the Driver's Seat
June 2017 - MN Economic Trends

Tight Labor Market Tests Employers
June 2017 - MN Economic Trends

Generations of Generalizations
May 2017 - MN Employment Review

Child Care in Southwest Minnesota
(with Mark Schultz)
March 2017 - MN Employment Review

What to Know Before You Owe
September 2016 - MN Economic Trends

Labor Force Growth Slowing in Central Minnesota
(with Cameron Macht)
June 2016 - MN Economic Trends

Unmatched Minnesota Job Growth
June 2015 - MN Economic Trends

Making a Living Making Things
June 2014 - MN Economic Trends

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