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Transportation Economic Development Infrastructure (TEDI) Eligibility

Eligible applicants must be governmental entities as defined by state law. Although private entities are not currently eligible for TEDI financing, they may enter into agreements with eligible applicants to request funding for eligible public infrastructure and transportation projects.

Funds appropriated for the program must be used to fund predesign, design, acquisition of land, construction, reconstruction, and infrastructure improvements that will promote economic development, increase employment, and improve transportation systems to accommodate private investment and job creation.

Award Amounts

There is no limit to grant amounts, however projects with a modest state request and maximized leverage from non-state and public sources are most competitive.

The matching funds offered by the local applicant may come from other federal, state, local and private funding sources. Private funding sources are the most beneficial to a proposal.

Evaluating Proposals

Projects will be selected and evaluated on the basis of criteria in six broad categories:

  1. job creation (25 points)
  2. increase in local tax base (20 points)
  3. level of private investment (15 points)
  4. leverage of non-state funds (15 points)
  5. improvement to the transportation system to serve the project area (25 points)
  6. appropriate geographical balance between the metropolitan area and greater Minnesota (lower scoring applications can bump high scoring applications if DEED deems it necessary for geographic balance)

NOTE: An application must receive a minimum of 50 points in order to be eligible for funding.

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