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Drama and Theater


  • An Actor Prepares; Building a Character; Creating a Role. Konstantin Stanislavsky. Audio, Braille. A trilogy of books on acting using what has come to be known as the psychophysical method.
  • A Dream of passion: the development of the method. Lee Strasberg. Audio. Memoir of the noted drama teacher, tracing the creation of his famous "Method," the most influential actor-training technique ever developed. Early in his career, Strasberg embarked on a search for the sources of the actor's creativity and a means of consistently attaining emotional truth on stage. He transmitted his solution to a generation of actors at the Actor's Studio of New York.
  • Improv Nation: How we made a great american art. Sam Wasson. Audio. Examines the history of improvisational comedy as a uniquely American form of entertainment. Includes interviews from early groundbreakers such as Elaine May and Mike Nichols, as well as the producers of SCTV and Saturday Night Live, among others.
  • A Raisin in the Sun. Lorraine Hansberry. Audio, Braille. A middle-class black family in Chicago, torn by tensions and discontent, suffer further when they receive a life insurance settlement. No one can agree on what should be done with the money.
  • Flying funny: My Life without a Net. Dudley Riggs. Audio. Riggs shares many highs and lows while describing circus life and the evolution of America's popular entertainment during the twentieth century. From his early life in circus and vaudeville to his creation of the Brave New Workshop, we see how his show business experience and instincts helped him create in Minneapolis what became the "next wave" in American entertainment - improvisation.
  • Making Masterpiece: Twenty-five Years behind the Scenes at Masterpiece and Mystery! Audio, Braille. Executive producer of PBS's Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! reminisces about productions she has been a part of; decisions she has made, including her efforts to attract younger viewers; and the development of the Masterpiece brand during her tenure.
  • Showtime: a history of the Broadway musical theater. Larry Stempel. Audio. Songwriter and music professor details the history of musical theater from the nineteenth to the early twenty-first centuries. Discusses historical influences on the art form, prominent composers and producers, and significant productions of shows.
  • Acting is Everything: an actor's guidebook for a successful career in Los Angeles. Judy Kerr. Audio. Renowned acting coach Judy Kerr shares her lifetime of techniques and tricks of the trade. She opens the doors of Hollywood to acting hopefuls and professionals with a straightforward road map for building their dreams and careers.
  • The Stage and the School. Katherine Anne Ommanney and Harry H Schanker. Braille. Outlines the history of drama and aspects of dramatic interpretation and production.

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