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Reimbursement Limits


eraf-reimbursement-limitsThe maximum total reimbursement per eligible employer in a state fiscal year (July 1-June 30) is $30,000. This amount encapsulates both onetime and ongoing reasonable accommodations expenses.

Submissions for onetime reasonable accommodation expenses must be no less than $250 and no more than $15,000 per individual with a disability. If an employer submits a reimbursement for more than the maximum amount, ERAF will only reimburse up the $15,000 limit. Onetime expenses are those expenses that are only made one time, such as a purchase of an item or device. An employer can submit multiple onetime reimbursements for the same individual with a disability; however, the maximum total reimbursement per eligible employer remains capped at $30,000 per state fiscal year.

Example: Employer X hires Joe. Employer X installs two wheelchair ramps, one in the front and one at the emergency exit. Ramp One costs $17,000. Ramp Two costs $12,000. Ramp one reimbursement caps out at $15,000. Ramp two is fully reimbursed at $12,000. The employer has $3,000 remaining they can claim reimbursement on for other accommodations for that state fiscal year.

Submissions for ongoing reasonable accommodation expenses have no minimum or maximum requirements. Ongoing expenses are those expenses for ongoing services, such as sign language interpreting or captioning services.

Example Continues: Employer X has hired Joe and installed the ramps. Joe also uses a sign language interpreter. Employer X submits reimbursement for $4,500 for ongoing interpreting service. Employer X receives reimbursement for $3,000, the remaining amount they have left in the fiscal year.

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