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The Last Word

by Carol Walsh - Editor-in-Chief
March 2018

Get to Know Us

What’s the career pathway for outdoor recreation occupations?

Do you have labor market information for jobs in equine science?

Look to DEED’s regional labor market analysts for answers to these and many other questions about Minnesota’s regional labor markets. Five analysts cover every corner of the state:

Chet Bodin , 218-825-2183,
Northwestern Minnesota

Luke Greiner, 320-308-5378,
Central and Southwestern Minnesota

Tim O’Neill, 651-259-7401,
Twin Cities

Mark Schultz , 507-205-6068,
Southeastern Minnesota

Erik White , 218-302-8413,
Northeastern Minnesota

Cameron Macht, Regional Analysis and Outreach Manager, can be contacted at 320-441-6596.

Regional analysts also deliver presentations statewide. To schedule a speaker, please complete a presentation request form and email it to DEED.LMI@state.mn.us. Allow one week for your request to be considered. Speakers are provided free of charge for public events or those organized by partners in Minnesota’s workforce development and education systems.

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