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eraf-eligibilityEmployer Eligibility

An employer is eligible to apply for accommodation reimbursement under this program if the following conditions are met:

  • The employer is domiciled within the legal boundaries of Minnesota and has its principal place of business as identified in its certificate of incorporation in the state of Minnesota;
  • The business employs not more than 500 employees on any business day during the preceding calendar year; and
  • The business generates $5,000,000 or less in gross annual revenue.

Accommodation Reimbursement for Individual(s) with a Disability

Only reasonable accommodations made for an individual with a disability, either a job applicant or employee, will be considered for reimbursement.

Employers must certify on the application form that the reasonable accommodations were made for a qualifying job applicant or employee.

No personal identifiable information will be collected about the individual with a disability, outside of general demographic information for tracking and reporting purposes.

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