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Career and Job Training

BARD Magazines

  • Piano Technicians Journal. Audio.
  • PC World. Braille.
  • The Writer. Audio.

NFB Newsline (Available in Audio, Refreshable Braille, On a Website)

  • Job Listings, Nation-wide.
  • Successful Farming.
  • Vending Times.
  • Wired.

On the RTB

  • Career Corner, Thursdays @ 10:20 AM.
  • Speaking for Ourselves, Last Sunday each month @ 8 PM and the next Thursday @ 3 AM.
  • Tech Wire, Wednesdays @ 7 AM.
  • Tanner's Tech Den, First Sunday each month @ 8 PM and the next Thursday @ 3 AM.
  • Your Personal World, Saturdays @ 1 PM.


  • Born for This: How to find the work you were meant to do. Chris Guillebeau. Audio, Braille. A guide to identifying and obtaining the perfect job or career. Discusses life/work balance, gaining skills in your desired field, developing multiple streams of income, self-employment, marketing yourself and your work, knowing when to say no, and more.
  • Coders: the making of a new tribe and the remaking of the world. Clive Thompson. Audio. Journalist examines the industry of computer coding in the twenty-first century. Profiles the people involved in the development of products such as Facebook's News Feed, Instagram, and Google's artificial intelligence. Analyzes the types of people who work in coding and particular movements and class structures.
  • Roadmap for the rest of your life: smart choices about money, health, work, lifestyle, and pursuing your dreams. Bart Astor. Audio, Large Print, Braille. Eldercare expert relates ways to forge new paths and expectations for the second stage of adulthood that begins after age fifty. Discusses creating goals, increasing activity level, staying healthy, having the right health insurance, transitioning from full-time work, making money last a lifetime, choosing living arrangements, and maintaining relationships.
  • Beyond the Blindness: my story of losing sight and living life. Ted Hinson. Audio, Braille. As a young parent, Ted Hinson was on top of everything. He was an active father, basketball coach, and worked in the oil and gas industry. And he accomplished all of this while completely blind. In this book he has an important message for anyone coping with adversity: strive to change obstacles into opportunities, and don't let challenges limit your life.
  • Girl Mogul: dream it. Do it. Change the world. Pham Tiffany. Audio. Founder and CEO of Mogul, a successful online platform to share information with women worldwide, presents a guide for helping teens define success, envision it, and make it happen in school, in their personal lives, and at work.
  • Land your Dream Career: eleven steps to take in college. Tori Randolph Terhune. Audio. A guide for college students to help them take charge of their employment futures while still in school. Provides eleven strategies for use in and out of the classroom. Includes advice on developing a professional image, using social media, networking, and optimizing other career development tools. Young adult appeal.
  • Moving Forward in Mid-career: a guide to rebuilding your career after being fired or laid off. John Henry Weiss. Audio. Executive recruiter shares strategies for facing the loss of a job. Topics include why firings happen, the grieving process, finance management, searching for a new job, reshaping career expectations, networking, negotiations, identifying opportunities, and working with career counselors.
  • Big Potential: how transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement, happiness, and well-being. Shawn Achor. Audio. Researcher presents case studies to support his theory that success and happiness are reliant on our ability to connect with, relate to, and learn from each other. Topics include surrounding yourself with positive influencers, expanding your power, and enhancing your resources.
  • The Episodic Career: how to thrive at work in the age of disruption. Farai Chideya. Audio. Journalist examines work culture in America in the twenty-first century. Discusses the state of employment, understanding personal goals to determine the ideal work/life balance, ways to deal with disappointments and setbacks like layoffs, and planning for life after work.
  • This is How to Get Your Next Job. Andrea Kay. Audio. Career consultant and syndicated columnist offers insight for improving your job search and advancing in your profession. Highlights what and what not to do, say, and wear. Discusses characteristics that employers look for and examples from her experiences.
  • Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities. Daniel J. Ryan. Audio, Braille. Comprehensive resource guide to career development for people with disabilities. Covers locating openings, preparing for interviews, writing resumes, using government programs, networking, and succeeding at work. Discusses available accommodations and provides job links from the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy.
  • Find Your Fit: a practical guide to landing a job you'll love. Susan A. Kaiden. Audio. Guides you through answering questions like: What do I want to do with my career? Where should I do it? And how do I get there? You'll be able to identify the work environment best for you, shape your online identity, and network more effectively by focusing on people instead of openings. You'll learn about coveted employee referrals. With the help of experienced career coaches, you'll be able to handle any kind of interview. Become familiar with pre-employment testing and assessments.
  • Let Your Life Speak: listening for the voice of vocation. Parker J. Palmer. Braille. Is the life I am living the same as the life that wants to live in me? With this searching question, Parker Palmer begins an insightful and moving meditation on finding one's true calling. An openhearted gift to anyone who seeks to live authentically. Sharing stories of frailty and strength, of darkness and light, Palmer shows that vocation is not a goal to be achieved but a gift to be received.

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