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Anthony Schaffhauser's bio


Regional Analyst, Northwest Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
616 America Avenue NW, Suite 210
Bemidji, MN 56601

Anthony Schaffhauser is the Department of Employment and Economic Development’s regional analyst for Northwest Minnesota. Anthony conducts research, writes publications, and provides presentations about Minnesota's economy, job market, industry trends, and career opportunities. He has a master’s degree in public policy analysis from The University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. Anthony previously served as the Director of Healthcare Workforce Development for HealthForce Minnesota, and brings health care expertise to his research and analysis role.

Local Look blog - Northwest

Recent articles

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December 2021 - MN Economic Trends

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September 2020 - MN Economic Trends

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September 2018 - MN Economic Trends

Past Northwest-related articles from analysts

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April 2021 - MN Employment Review

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June 2020 - MN Economic Trends

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