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  • Spiritual Defiance: Building a Beloved community of resistance. Robin R. Meyers. Audio, Braille.Minister discusses the role of the American church in the twenty-first century. Examines means of personal growth and connection with religious traditions, church community as an alternative to dominant culture, and the purpose of the church counter to that of the political state.
  • The Journal. George Fox. Audio. Spiritual journal and autobiography of George Fox (1624-1691), the founder of the Religious Society of Friends - commonly known as Quakers - dictated during his imprisonment in the mid-1670s. Records his work, hardships, and successes in developing a new spiritual order in England.
  • Martin Luther: the man who rediscovered God and changed the World. Eric Metaxas. Audio. The life and work of the monk Martin Luther. Particularly discusses the effect of his writings on the Reformation in Western Christendom.
  • Why Buddhism is True: the science and philosophy of meditation and enlightenment. Robert Wright. Audio. Uses neuroscience and psychology research to examine the fundamental claim of Buddhist meditation, in that one can learn to see the world and oneself more clearly.
  • Name of God is Mercy. Pope Francis. Audio, Audio (Spanish), Large Print, Braille. Pope Francis expounds on his belief that "mercy is the first attribute of God." Uses supporting examples from early years and experiences doing pastoral work. Discusses why the Catholic Church should remain open to everyone.
  • Drawing Down the Moon: witches, druids, goddess-worshippers, and other pagans in America. Margot Adler. Audio. The origins and resurgence of paganism and polytheistic myths, legends, and spirituality. Includes a guide to wiccan, neopagan, druid, heathen, and other groups; festivals; publications; and other resources.
  • The Reason for My Hope: Salvation. Billy Graham. Audio, Large Print, Braille. Evangelical preacher Billy Graham uses scripture and anecdotes to explain the concept of salvation. Urges people to accept the redemption that God offers and discusses the notions of hell and the Second Coming.
  • The Next Person You Meet in Heaven. Mitch Albom. Audio, Braille. Years after an accident left her scarred and traumatized, Annie from The Five People You Meet in Heaven is celebrating her wedding to childhood sweetheart Paulo. But another accident leads Annie to meet the man who saved her life all those years ago.
  • Exit West: a novel. Hamid Mohsin. Audio, Large Print, Braille. Set in an unnamed city with a strict social code, atheist Nadia rebels against the strictures put upon her. She falls in love with the gentle, religious-minded Saeed as their city falls into chaos and militias seize control, forcing the pair to flee together.
  • Black Elk: the sacred ways of the Lakota. Black Elk. Audio. Wallace Black Elk was "called" to the sacred way of the "Chanunpa" when he was five years old. Eleven "grandfathers," or mentors, prepared him to use spiritual powers, to heal, and to help others.
  • The Sacred Universe: Earth, spirituality, and religion in the twenty-first century. Thomas Berry. Audio. A leading scholar, cultural historian, and Catholic priest who spent years writing about our engagement with the Earth, the author possessed prophetic insight into the rampant destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of species. In this book he makes a persuasive case for an interreligious dialogue that can confront environmental problems.
  • The Everything World's Religion Book: discover the beliefs, traditions, and cultures of ancient and modern religions. Robert Pollock. Braille. Covers Islam and Islamic sects, Hinduism and Hindu sects, Buddhism, Judaism, Judaic affiliations, Confucianism, Taoism, Jainism and Baha'i, Sikhism, Shinto, Lesser known faiths, Ancient faiths, Native American and African faiths, Pacific Rim faiths, New Age, and other beliefs.

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