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Positive supports

With the implementation of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245D in January 2014 and the positive supports rule, Minnesota Rule 9544, in August 2015, providers must use positive supports in place of restrictive interventions. This applies to:

  • Providers of home and community-based services to people with a disability or people age 65 and older governed by Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245D
  • Other licensed providers and in other settings licensed by the commissioner under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245A, for services to people with a developmental disability or under Minnesota Rule 9525.0016 for people with a related condition.

The law prohibits the use of punitive practices and procedures, such as seclusion and restraint. If needed, legislation allows for an 11-month transition period, with the implementation of a Positive Support Transition Plan, to end prohibited practices.

See our Positive Supports Tips page for strategies on how to implement the positive supports rules.

External Program Review Committee

The External Program Review Committee:

  • Monitors the implementation of Minn. R. 9544.0130
  • Recommends policy changes to the commissioner
  • Reviews requests for the emergency use of procedures and makes recommendations to the commissioner to approve or deny those requests
  • Reviews reports of the emergency use of manual restraint and provides guidance to license-holders

Read more on the External Program Review Committee webpage.

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