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Consumer directed community supports community support plan

A community support plan is developed so a person can use consumer directed community supports. People are required to develop their own plan or have a person they select and/or hire help them. The process of developing the community support plan is person-centered.

Person-centered planning is when the person is the focus of the planning and directs the development of the plan with support from the people who know him or her. Once a person has thoughts organized and gathered through the person-centered planning process, they can start to develop the community support plan.

What should I put in my plan?

The community support plan may contain a mix of paid and non-paid services, formal and informal supports, as long as they:

  • Address the assess needs of the person
  • Are covered within the individual consumer directed community supports budget.

A CDCS Community Support Plan(PDF) includes:

  • Costs of each support or service
  • Plans to monitor the services or supports
  • Qualifications of the people that will provide the person the services or supports
  • Supports and services a person needs and plan to use
  • Training the person wants their supports to have.
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