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About us - Strategies

To meet the division's goals, DSD has identified the following five strategies:

  1. Create a statewide disability service program that encompasses all waivers, state-plan and HIV/AIDS support services - Built to support consumer choice, independence and employment through:
    • Common administration
    • Common assessments
    • Common services
    • Common standards of performance
    • Support for local partners through training, technical assistance and performance reviews
  2. Implement a 21st century operation - Utilize proven technologies to deliver:
    • Accountability for processes and results to consumers and the public
    • Easy access for stakeholders to what they need to know
    • Efficient operations
  3. Improve purchasing:
    • Know what we are paying for
    • Make sure we get what we pay for
    • Pay a fair and reasonable price
  4. Promote community integration in personal service design and delivery - Identify, test and disseminate best practices so:
    • Administrators and providers are accountable
    • Employment and independence are the expectations
    • Housing and service options are available
    • Technology is used to improve services and reduce costs while protecting health and safety
  5. Meet state and federal requirements:
    • Ensure HCBS waiver and state plan services continue to receive federal approval
    • Maintain credibility with federal officials so Minnesota can continue to innovate and improve
    • Meet requirements of state laws and rules

See how DSD activities and initiatives support work of the CCA Quality System Architecture.

Send an email to the DHS DSD Response Center if you are unable to find information about Disability Services Division programs and services.

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