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Disability Waiver Rate System cost reporting

All agencies that provide at least one service with a payment rate determined under the Disability Waiver Rate System (DWRS) are required to submit documentation of the costs of providing DWRS services at the request of the Department of Human Services. This requirement is commonly known as DWRS cost reporting.


DHS is required to conduct audits of randomly selected cost reports for data validity and completeness. DHS began the auditing process in 2023 with internal auditors thoroughly reviewing a sample and requesting additional bookkeeping records to justify costs. 

To support ongoing data integrity and auditing procedures, DHS is implementing a series of data validation reviews during the 2024 reporting period of all submitted cost reports to ensure that blatant errors or omissions are caught early. DHS may unsubmit reports that fail these checks but will work with affected providers to edit their reports or clarify their costs.

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