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Health care application assistance

How county workers or MNsure navigators can help

You may ask anyone you want to help you fill out your application, including a friend or relative. However, county workers and MNsure navigators have specific training for completing and submitting applications.

County workers - Each county has a local human services office with workers who can help you fill out and submit an application. They have training and information about Medical Assistance. If you have questions about other health care programs, they can direct you to someone who can help.

MNsure navigators - MNsure partners with trusted organizations across the state. People from these organizations, called navigators, are trained to provide free face-to-face help. They can help you apply for Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare or a qualified health plan (with or without premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions). To find a navigator in your area, use the MNsure navigator finder or call MNsure.

This table explains what county workers and MNsure navigators can do to help you complete and submit an online or paper application. You do not have to contact a county office or navigator to apply through MNsure. You may complete a paper application or fill out the online MNsure application on your own.

If you County offices must Navigators must
Need help completing an application for health care coverage. Help you complete an online or paper application when you ask for help. Help you complete an online or paper application when you ask for help.
Need access to a computer so you can apply online.

Direct you to where you can access a computer to apply online.

Some counties may have a computer you can use, and some may refer you to other locations that have a computer for you to use.

Help you apply, although computer access may not always be available.
Need a paper application. Give you a paper application if you ask for one.

The paper application to use depends on your health care needs. County workers can tell you which one you should use.

Help you fill out a paper application when you ask for help.

Navigators are not required to provide you with a paper application if they are not helping you apply.

Filled out a paper application and want to submit it. Accept your completed paper application regardless of what county you live in or what program you will be eligible for.

The county will either process that application itself or forward if to the Department of Human Services or your county of residence for processing.
Accept your paper application and submit it to the processing agency on your behalf.

Navigators are not required to submit a paper application for you if they did not help you apply.

For more information

If you applied online or with the paper application, you can read about what to expect after you apply.

If you aren't sure where to get help, contact the Minnesota Health Care Programs Health Care Consumer Support or MNsure.

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