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Formal disputes and case reviews

In Minnesota, most child support enforcement remedies have a complaint or dispute resolution process. Notices sent to inform parents as enforcement remedies are applied include descriptions of these processes.

Other issues involving child support cases are resolved through a complaint resolution process that involves state and county procedures.

  1. First, bring policy or systems issues to your county child support worker.
  2. If the issue remains unresolved, contact your worker's supervisor or county designee.
  3. If there is no resolution, the complainant may proceed up the county chain of command.
  4. If still not resolved, you will be referred to the state child support office.
  5. If your issue remains unresolved, write a letter to the Child Support Division Director at the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

When the state office receives your written request to review your case, the request will be logged, tracked and assigned to a staff person. If the state office receives your request orally, the case reviewer may ask you to submit it in writing to document the assertions, issues and questions to adequately research and respond to them.

The state office responds to written requests for a case review in two weeks. If a review of all the issues takes longer, the case reviewer may send an interim letter explaining that the review is in process and include the date by which a final response will be sent.


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