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About us - Value chain

The CCA Quality System Architecture Value Chain is an important part of the CCA Quality System Architecture. The value chain identifies activities that take place to ensure a person entering the DHS service system receives needed services.

Elements in the value chain include:

  • Activities where the person requesting/receiving services is an active participant
  • DHS infrastructure development activities
  • System administrative and management activities necessary for services to be provided
  • System community capacity development activities

All DSD programs, services and activities support the CCA Quality System Architecture Value Chain. They also contribute directly to the three overarching goals of home and community-based services:

  • Assure the health, safety, choice and control of older Minnesotans and persons with disabilities
  • Maximize home and community-based service system performance
  • Maximize the accountability of the home and community-based services programs

Submit a question on the DSD contact form if you are unable to find information about Disability Services Division programs and services.

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