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Enhanced rates or budgets and training stipends for support workers

Minnesota Department of Human Services offers options that give people more control over the services and supports they receive. These include:

People who use these services and direct the support workers who provide personal support services have new options:

Enhanced rate

People who receive services may qualify for a higher reimbursement rate or budget for PCA, CDCS and CSG for work that is both:

  • Provided by a worker who has completed qualifying trainings
  • Provided to a person who is eligible for 12 or more hours of state plan PCA per day and/or has the home care rating EN.

Training stipend

A one-time $500 stipend is available for up to 1,500 workers in PCA Choice, CDCS and CSG who complete training requirements.

To see whether your worker is eligible for the enhanced rate or stipend, visit the Enhanced rates and training stipends for support workers webpage for Partners and Providers.

More information

For more information about how a worker qualifies for the enhanced rate and the training stipend, see the documents below:

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