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MnCHOICES Assessment and Support Plan

A person of any age with a disability or in need of long-term services and supports may use the MnCHOICES person-centered assessment and support-planning process to help make decisions about long-term services and support needs. MnCHOICES is an assessment and planning tool used by counties, tribal nations and managed-care organizations.

The MnCHOICES Assessment uses a person-centered approach to gather information and help you make decisions about your long-term services and supports. It assesses your general health, your ability to take care of routine daily tasks and any help you may receive from family and friends. This assessment is a free, in-person visit with a certified assessor and usually occurs where you live. Once your assessment is complete, you will receive a community support plan. The community support plan provides a summary of what the assessor discovered through the assessment process and identifies next steps based on your needs.

The MnCHOICES Support Plan provides a coordinated services and support plan for people who are eligible for publicly funded services and supports. The coordinated services and support plan outlines the decisions you make for the services and supports you are eligible for.

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