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Family child care license application

Steps to get licensed

  1. Contact your county child care licensing division or tribal human services agency
  2. Complete your county/tribal orientation process
  3. Complete the Family Systems Licensing Application and the Certificate of Compliance Minnesota Workers' Compensation (PDF)
  4. Send application and Workers' Compensation materials to county licensor
  5. Review (B4) Family and Group Family Child Care Age Group Definition
  6. Obtain a background study form from your county licensor and complete it

Special Family Child Care Homes and related documents

There are several types of programs licensed under Minnesota Rule 9502 designated as Special Family Day Care Homes. These programs include employer and church-based programs, community collaborative and not-for-profit agency programs, and programs operated in a commercial space. Specific requirements for these programs are found in Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.14, Subd. 4. Persons interested in applying under this special regulation should contact their county licensor for more information.

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