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Residential service termination information

If you received a service termination notice from your residential service provider, you might be wondering what to do next or whether you have any options. Below is helpful information that applies to you if you use one of the following waivers:

Provider responsibilities

It is important to know that your residential service provider is required to give you a copy of their service suspension and service termination policy and procedures within five days after you started to receive services. Did this occur? Did you keep the copies? Did they explain their policies and procedures and give you the opportunity to ask questions? These are questions to consider when talking to your residential service provider and your support team. It is also important to know that before a residential service provider may issue a service termination notice, they must take actions to avoid it, including:

  • A consultation with your support team or expanded support team to identify and resolve issues that led to the termination notice.
  • A request to your case manager to add intervention services (intervention services have a legal definition in Minn. Stat. 245D.091)  to support you.

Frequently asked questions about residential service termination

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