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Drug - Zanaflex (tizanidine) capsule

March 2011

Therapeutic area - Skeletal muscle relaxant

How supplied and cost

Zanaflex (tizanidine) capsule

2 mg $2.64
4 mg $3.34
6 mg $5.02

Tizanidine tablets

2 mg $0.12
4 mg $0.14


The patient has used tizanidine tablets at equivalent doses to the requested dose, and cyclobenzaprine, and has experienced ineffectiveness or intolerability and the prescriber provides rationale why Zanaflex capsules would offer different outcomes.

DHS expects that a patient can take one 2 mg tablet and one 4 mg tablet for a total dose of 6 mg if a 6 mg dose is required. 


MHCP Provider Call Center 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411

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