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Financial management services rates-Alliance Health Services

Contact information and fees

Name of FMS provider: Alliance Health Services
Address: 2260 Cliff Road
City, state, ZIP code: Eagan, MN 55122
Phone: 651-895-8030
Contact name: Teresa Maas
Contact email address:

Fees as of Jan. 1, 2024

Program Service Fee type and amount Transaction based fee(s), frequency and type Worker's compensation Worker benefits
CDCS Payroll and goods $140 per month N/A

Group policy: Yes

Group policy rate: 1.5%

Individual policy: N/A

Paid time off: 4.65%
CDCS Goods only $50 per month N/A None None
CSG Payroll and goods 6.5% of payroll 2%

Group policy: Yes

Individual policy rate: 1.5%

Paid time off: 4.65%
CSG Goods only $50/month N/A None None

Total payroll cost breakdown

Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA): 7.65% of taxable wages
Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA): 0.6% of taxable wages
State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA): SUTA is determined on an individual basis. The 2024 calendar year new employer SUTA rate is 1.2%


Participant employers must comply with the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the state of Minnesota and the Service Employees International Union Healthcare Minnesota (SEIU). This includes compliance with the wage, paid time off and holiday pay requirements.

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