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Interest charging on past due support

Minnesota court orders include a provision for charging interest on past due support, called arrears. Arrears will accrue interest when the amount past due is greater than your monthly support obligation. You can find this information either in your court order or the Appendix A attached to your order.

The child support office will not charge interest if the court order either:

  • Prohibits interest charging
  • Is from a state that does not charge interest.

You may ask for interest charging to stop

A parent who has made complete and on-time child support payments for 12 consecutive months may ask the child support office to suspend interest charging on arrears.

The child support office will review the payment record.

  • If the office suspends interest charging, it will send a notice to both parents. If complete and on-time payments stop, the office may restart interest charging.
  • If the office denies the request to suspend interest, the parent owing the arrears will get a notice.
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