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Information about BHH services for individuals and their families

This information about behavioral health home (BHH) services is for people enrolled in Medical Assistance (MA) and their families.

For more information, see the BHH services member flyer DHS-7405A (PDF).

Eligibility for BHH services

To be eligible for BHH services, a person must:

  • Be eligible for MA.
  • Have a current diagnosis from a qualified health professional of a condition that meets the definition of either mental illness as described in section 245.462, subdivision 20, paragraph (a), or emotional disturbance as defined in section 245.4871, subdivision 15, clause (2). For BHH services, a “current” diagnosis is considered by DHS to be a diagnosis made within the past 12 months by a qualified professional. A qualified health professional includes: 
    • Physician 
    • Physician Assistant  
    • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse 
    • Licensed Mental Health Professional 

The diagnostic codes list contains a list of diagnoses that meet the BHH services eligibility criteria.

BHH services are covered only when provided by a certified BHH provider. See the list of certified BHH providers.

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