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Home care nursing hardship waiver

A hardship waiver allows certain relatives to be paid by Medical Assistance for providing home care nursing services to their family members.

Relatives of consumers include:

  • Parent of a minor child
  • Non-corporate legal guardian or conservator
  • Spouse

The parent, spouse or legal guardian/conservator must meet all these criteria to be eligible for a hardship waiver:

  • Be a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse currently licensed in Minnesota
  • Be employed by a home care nursing agency
  • Expect to continue non-reimbursed family responsibilities of primary caregiver and emergency backup caregiver
  • May only be employed by one agency
  • Pass a criminal background check

Who is eligible for a Hardship Waiver?

Relatives of the consumer must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for a hardship waiver:

  • Has changed from full-time employment to part-time employment resulting in less compensation in order to provide home care nursing services to the consumer
  • Has resigned from full-time or part-time employment specifically to provide HCN services to the consumer
  • Has taken a leave of absence without pay from employment in order to provide HCN services to the consumers
  • Is needed to provide an adequate number of qualified home care nurses to meet the needs of the consumer because of labor conditions, specific language needs or intermittent hours of care

How do I apply for a Hardship Waiver?

A HCN Hardship Waiver Application DHS-4109 (PDF) needs to be completed and submitted to DHS for review and approval. Contact a HCN agency for employment and Hardship Waiver information. For more information, contact your local county agency.

Submit a question on the DSD contact form if you are unable to find information about Disability Services Division programs and services.

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