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Over 70 years of age

You are most likely retired. You should have a long-term care plan in place. Your family and close friends should be aware of your plans.

If you have a plan, congratulations. You have more choice of care options, financial independence and greater peace of mind.

If you do not yet have a plan:

  1. Develop a plan as soon as possible.
  2. Keep your plan updated.
  3. If you have not bought an insurance product by now, it may be too expensive or pre-existing conditions may make you ineligible for some policies.
  4. If your home is your primary financial asset, consider using your home equity to pay for your current long-term care needs. Assess whether a reverse mortgage is a feasible way to use your home equity.
  5. If you have limited income and resources, find out if your community has no-cost or low-cost supports and services available. Communities often have trained professionals who can help you assess your needs and situation and connect you to affordable supports and services.
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