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Sex offender treatment locations

Moose Lake

The Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) Moose Lake facility houses these individuals:

  • People who have been petitioned for civil commitment but not yet committed
  • Clients participating in initial and primary stages of treatment
  • Clients who refuse to participate in sex offender-specific treatment.

While in Moose Lake, clients begin to build their readiness for change. They also work toward talking about their personal histories and factors that lead to their offenses.

The Moose Lake facility currently has two buildings - the Main Building and Complex I. The Main Building houses up to 150 clients. Complex I houses up to 400 clients.

St. Peter

Clients who show positive change through treatment are moved to St. Peter to complete primary treatment and begin the reintegration process. Gradual increases in liberties provide opportunities for clients to manage risk, apply what they have learned in treatment and demonstrate their ability to live safely and responsibly in the community.

St. Peter also provides alternative treatment for clients in need of unique approaches due to developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries or severe learning disabilities.

The St. Peter facility's Pexton Building contains two 28-bed units and two 30-bed units. The Shantz Building has four 36-bed units. Community Preparation Services houses up to 89 clients approved by the court to live outside the campus’ secure perimeter.

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