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Closing a child support case

Child support cases do not automatically close when a child turns 18 or emancipates. Federal law allows the child support office to close a case under certain conditions. 

In general, cases are closed when both of the following are true:

  • An obligation ends and all support is paid
  • The person who applied for child support services asks for the case to be closed.

Cases with children receiving public assistance 

The county will continue to collect public assistance arrears until they are paid in full. You cannot close your case if your children receive public assistance through any of these programs:

Cases with children not receiving public assistance

If your children do not currently receive public assistance, you can ask the county to close your case by either:

  • Calling your county worker
  • Completing the Request to Close Child Support Case (PDF) form and mailing it to your county worker
  • Sending a written request to your county worker including:
    • The date
    • Your full name
    • Your case number
    • Your signature

Closing a case when support is still owed

Closing a full services child support case is an important decision. If you close your case when child support is still owed, you will be responsible for collecting all support the other parent owes to you. We encourage you to review the services the child support office provides before asking your worker to close your case.

The child support office will no longer collect support or provide any services, including income withholding. If you close your case:

  • You are responsible for any actions needed to collect, enforce or modify your support.
  • The parent who owes support must pay you directly.
  • You must keep track of the amount owed and paid each month.
  • Both parents must file their own motions for actions, such as cost-of-living adjustments and modifications.
  • All court actions must be heard in district court.

If you receive child support payments on a stored value card, call the state child support help desk to close the card.

Applying for income withholding-only services

If you close a full service case, either parent can apply for income withholding-only services.

Reapplying for full child support services

Either parent can re-apply for full services at any time. You may have to pay a cost recovery fee for services.

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