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DrugKapvay (clonidine) [Shionogi Pharmaceuticals]

August 2014

Therapeutic area - ADHD

Approval criteria

  • Patient is ≥ 3 years of age AND
  • Patient is being treated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) AND
  • Patient shows some therapeutic benefit of an immediate release clonidine tablet taken at least three times daily and there is a therapeutic need to administer the clonidine twice daily

No approvals will be granted to patients under the age of 3.

Quantity limit

120 per month

Background information

Kapvay is an extended-release clonidine tablet indicated for use in patients with ADHD. Kapvay requires twice daily dosing and, in a head to head pharmacokinetic study with IR clonidine, has been shown to have a similar elimination half-life when administered at the same milligram amount.

At this time, it has not been definitively shown that Kapvay offers a cost or clinical benefit compared to clonidine IR. However, it represents a large cost increase compared to clonidine IR, at about $2.50/tablet (up to 4 tabs/day could be used). It is also important to consider that 1,359 clonidine tablet claims (66% of the total) are used in recipients <20 years of age, suggesting that the IR formulation is being used for ADHD.


MHCP Provider Call Center 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411

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