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2022 DWRS regional variance factors

The Legislature required DHS to study regional differences in waiver service provider costs across the state (Minn. Stat. §256B.4914, subd. 10d).  It requires DHS to update research once every six years and incorporate a component within the Disability Waiver Rate System frameworks that accounts for regional cost differences.

In 2022, DHS conducted an updated study on cost differences across the state. On July 1, 2022, DHS will begin to use updated regional variance factor (RVF) values in DWRS service rate calculations. The updated RVF values affect all DWRS framework services. These values will be implemented on a rolling basis, as service agreements renew or change.

To see 2018 regional variance factors, for reference purposes only, visit the 2018 DWRS regional variance factors webpage.

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