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Sign up for Minnesota Child Support Services

Minnesota’s child support program helps parents establish a financial partnership so children receive the financial, medical, and child care support they deserve.

Child support is money parents pay to their child’s other parent or caregiver to support their child. Minnesota’s Child Support Division and county child support agencies work with both parents to provide child support services.

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Services we provide

  • Locating parents
  • Establishing parentage
  • Establishing child support court orders
  • Collecting, recording, and sending or depositing support payments
  • Enforcing support orders for basic, medical, and child care support
  • Reviewing and asking the court to modify  support orders when appropriate
  • Working with other states and countries on these services

People who can sign-up for services

  • Parents of minor children if one parent does not live with the child
  • Fathers or alleged fathers of a minor child
  • Parents who receive court-ordered child support
  • Parents who pay court-ordered child support
  • People who have court-ordered, physical custody of a minor child


We take the safety of families receiving child support services seriously, and we can modify some of our processes to help with safety concerns. If you have concerns that seeking our service will create a risk of harm to you or your child, contact your county child support agency.

Income withholding only services

Income withholding-only services are generally limited to processing support payments and keeping track of what is owed. A monthly $15 fee is paid by the parent paying support. It is deducted through the income withholding in addition to the support payment.

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