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Community First Services and Supports

Community First Services and Supports (CFSS) is a new self-directed home and community-based service being developed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. CFSS is a service for people living in the community who need help with day-to-day activities.

When CFSS is implemented, it will replace the personal care assistance service and the Consumer Support Grant. CFSS is similar to PCA in many ways, but it will offer participants more control, flexibility, responsibility, and choice in how they use the service. CFSS is a program under the Medical Assistance, waiver and Alternative Care programs.

State and federal approval are required. DHS has legislative approval to implement CFSS and has submitted a Medicaid state plan amendment to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to obtain approval for CFSS.

DHS is in discussion with CMS about the amendment. These discussions are a common part of the approval process, which can take several months.

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