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Parenting expense adjustment

Effective Aug. 1, 2018 Minnesota courts will start using a new parenting expense adjustment law when calculating child support

If you have court-ordered parenting time with your child, this new law may impact you!

Minnesota courts use the child support guidelines in the law to set a child support amount by considering the incomes of both parents and the number of joint children. The guidelines include a parenting expense adjustment that reduces the basic child support to offset the costs of caring for the children during parenting time.

Starting Aug. 1, 2018, the new parenting expense adjustment law changes how courts adjust the basic child support amount for parenting time expenses, based on the number of overnights parents have in their court order. Parenting time expenses include the costs of caring for a child, like food, transportation, and clothing, during parenting time.

The new adjustment law only affects parents with court-ordered parenting time. Child support orders will not change automatically because of this new law.

The goals of the new law are to:

  • Reduce conflict between parents over parenting time
  • Acknowledge that more parenting time means higher expenses for parents who pay support
  • Recognize a child's need to have the "basics" in both homes

If you want more information, read the FAQ: Child Support Parenting Expense Adjustment Law document in the Department of Human Services eDocs library or click on the links below.

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